Progress has temporarily ground to a halt


The story’s setting, our galaxy the Milky Way


Progress has stopped while I work out exactly how to counter a threat of alien origin in my latest scifi WIP – Céleste. I created the darned thing in a moment of pure inspiration. So its down to me to work out exactly how to avoid it or perhaps counteract or eliminate it somehow. When it first struck it caused major problems for the ship (Apkallu) and Céleste, plus two of her human crew mates. I absolutely relish solving problems like that in any story I write.

Meanwhile the interactions between everyone aboard including the inexperienced mission commander David O’Leary, the extremely crusty doctor, Andreas Georgiadis – hmm, I wonder who I based him on? Let’s see, how many Greeks do I know… Several actually. Then the extremely shy Chikako Mori, geeky Lukas Gossens, the often moody and petulant Constança Blanco, and of course Céleste herself, who at one point had to take matters into her own hands when… Whoops, I almost gave away a mini plot then.

I’m constantly playing around with all their relationships, whether personal or professional. After all, if everything was cut and dried at this stage of the story, how boring would that be for you the future readers? Meanwhile I’m deliberately continuing at a slow pace, to ensure there is no chance of writing myself into a corner, ending up with yet another novella again.

Getting back to the problem, It’s been two, no make that three days now since I ground to a halt. While writing this, the answer to the problem I mentioned has just occurred to me. So I’d better get back to work. Otherwise I’ll be in trouble with Céleste and my beautiful Brazilian muse Bianca, pictured below. God only knows what will happen if my other muse, Thoth the Egyptian god of writing, turns up on the scene to poke his oar in once again as he has done previously, metaphorically speaking of course.


More later folks,


PS – As yet I’ve heard nothing back from Chris aka The Story Reading Ape concerning whether or not he’s started work on the cover. I sent him the pic below as an example of the quality I require for the cover via email yesterday. Céleste will be wearing a one piece creme body suit. Hopefully what Chris comes up with will look as stunning as this does:


 As for the young woman in this cover pic, she looks exactly as I envisaged Constança, but wearing a little less. Oh I don’t know though…


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