Typos – we all make them. Get over it!


I agree with Derek, Amazon encouraging others to find typos in any book submitted to them borders on the obsessional. Shock, horror, probe Amazon – typos happen. Get over it! They’re not a phenomena peculiar to ebooks. They’ve been around ever since the first book was printed hundreds of years ago. Guess what, they’ll still be around in the future as long as human beings continue to be involved!

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6 thoughts on “Typos – we all make them. Get over it!

  1. Me spellin is perfact and I won ‘ave anyon saying differente se. Seriously, I have lost count of the amount of times I have received a badly worded reply from Amazon in response to a query from me. Methinks the pot (Amazon) is calling the author (the kettle) black. Kevin

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  2. Having read the full article, Jack, I can’t say I’m concerned. Readers are our bread and butter. If one of them finds a typo irritating enough to interrupt the reading process, then it’s likely that others will react the same way. Anything we can do to improve the reading experience is surely a positive move, isn’t it? I don’t see this action from Amazon as an attack; rather an aid to improving our work. But that’s just my opinion, of course!

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  3. When does the stupidity end. I have to wonder if they send those notifications to trad published authors because I can’t say I ever read one book that didn’t have the odd oversight. The human eyes (even editors) is trained to see what it wants to see sometimes. Arg.

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