This is What Meddling In Middle Eastern Politics Gets You!

Gaddafi_1305930aMTE1ODA0OTcxNjY3Nzg1MjI5I’m betting that the majority of the eight hundred and forty seven people who follow this blog won’t even bother to read this, let alone comment. Some may even stop following it considering this post’s content, especially woolly headed bleeding heart liberals, who prefer to bury their heads in the sand. Or the shoot first brigade. So be it!

Ever since the West redrew the boundaries in the Middle East at the end of World War One to create a homeland for the Jewish nation in Palestine, we have continued to meddle in that part of the world.

While in recent years we in the West abhor what both Muammar Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein did in their respective countries, and the Middle East at large, there is no getting way from the fact that together with the one remaining strongman, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, at least they kept a lid on what became the Wahhabist and G20 backed so-called Islamic State.


The politicians of the Western nations continued to dither and wring their hands while talking about sanctions and how to save face by taking away any further financial backing for ISIS. Thank god that Vladimir Putin was prepared to actually do something about the situation by siding with Assad, much to the US’s annoyance.

Will the west join in? Certainly not until the US finally accepts that Putin is not the leader of a communist nation, and therefore not the enemy of the West!

Would ISIS exist if we hadn’t panicked and got rid of Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gadaffi in the first place? I don’t think so, do you?

Now we hear that the western intelligence community no longer knows the whereabouts of twenty-eight thousand potential jihadists they were tracking. The West, in particular the US, have to stand up to be counted and join Putin? It doesn’t help when Trump starts antagonising Iran. We created this mess, so its up to us to end it. It strikes me that what is also needed is for Middle Eastern nations of all persuasions to stop sitting on the fence and also join forces to end this madness before once again the leaders of the Western World panic and start World War Three in the Middle East.



My dear friend and fellow author Robert Bauval, who was born and brought up in Egypt, has summed up the situation perfectly in a post on Facebook:

“I have often heard people comment that Islam means “peace”, assuming, wrongly, that it is a derivative of the word “salam” which does indeed mean “peace”. But actually Islam means “submission” i.e. to submit to Allah. The expansion of Islam from Arabia where it began in the 7th century, has been mainly through warfare and occupation of other countries mostly under Christian, Hindu and Buddhist religions.
The hard truth for everyone to accept is that Islam has, in the last century or so, produced Wahabism in Saudi Arabia (perhaps the most extreme form of social Islam) and, in more recent times the Muslim Brotherhood which itself gave rise to Hamas, Gamaah El Islamiya, and eventually more fundamentalist factions such as Al Qaida, El Shabab, Boko Haram and finally the most extreme and violent of all: Daesh/ISIL. It is high time that we all, non-Muslims and Mulsims alike, accept this undeniable fact and stop pretending that the barbaric violence carried by fanatics shouting “allah’u Akbar!” has nothing to do with Islam. Only then will we be able to face the problem squarely and implement solutions to reform this religion so that it becomes secularised and tolerant of others as, indeed, are all other major religions active today.
I know that this post will cause accusations against me of “racism”, “Islamophobia” etc… I am fully aware of this. But I have lived and worked nearly 35 years of my life in Muslim countries (Egypt, Oman, Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia), and all who know me well –Muslim and non-Muslim friends— will vouch that I am nothing of the kind. But I stand out now, as everyone should, to call a spade a spade, in the hope that Muslims all over the world take a good look at their religion and reform the manner it is taught and practiced, so that it can survive and be part of the modern world based on Liberal Democracy and, especially for Muslim communities in Europe and the New World, embrace the virtues and values of Western Constitutions. This, I am convinced, is the way forward.”


We will see many more jihadist attacks in our countries, unless or until our politicians stop trying to appease the bleeding heart liberals among us and gird their loins to join forces with Russia’s equivalent of Winston Churchill, Vladimir Putin, to end this madness once and for all.

While undoubtedly there are genuine refugees (families) among the hundreds of thousands now on the move towards the West seeking sanctuary. At the same time there is no getting away from the fact that young single men of military age like the twenty-eight thousand potential jihadists who have apparently vanished into the woodwork, are still arriving in the West.

There is a serious lesson to be learnt by the West, from now on stay out of the affairs of other nations! No good will ever come from trying to impose our political will and way of thinking on others. Whether we in the West like it or not, we all follow different paths, both religious and political…

28 thoughts on “This is What Meddling In Middle Eastern Politics Gets You!

  1. How will the Liberals ever admit they are wrong? They won’t and I really doubt if there are many more like your friend that will admit what Islam means. That is my take on this situation. Up until now I’ve been accused of being an optimist most of my life..

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    • The Liberals are as bad, if not worse than the warmongering Conservatives Mari. Robert and his family, being a mix of Belgian and Maltese had to leave their home in Alexandria when the military took over total control of Egypt. Since then things have got much worse. What really galls me is the shortsightedness of those in charge in the case of Saddam Hussein, Murmarr Gadaffi and now ISIS. ;(

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  2. Whilst Robert Bauval is undoubtedly right in his summing up of the situation regarding Islam, I’m less certain of the wisdom of promoting the four dictators named above. All are, without doubt, evil despots, bullies and sociopaths who gained power by a mixture of lying, bullying and corruption. They all either did, or do repress their nations. I think the idea of support for such gangsters is driven by an oversimplification of an extremely complex situation.
    Saudi Arabia is a giant player in the conflict; home of terrorism and extremism but protected from sanctions due to the oil riches they make claim to. The oil-hungry west is desperate to remain on side with this Middle Eastern potentate that essentially governs the whole region.
    There is huge corruption from top to bottom in the Middle East; it’s part of their culture. I suspect the biggest mistake made by western nations in becoming embroiled in the region as a way of protecting their oil interests was to downplay the role of Russia and Saudi in protecting the extremists against any real action. The fact that they went in without any exit plan, of course, also caused huge problems: not a new development but one that has accompanied almost every conflict that ever occurred.
    Do we really want to bed-fellows with Putin? A man who invades other countries with no respect for international law simply because he feels he has the power to bully smaller nations without fear of repercussions due to the size and might of his fighting forces?
    Blame the ‘Liberals’ if you will, Jack. But bear in mind that the real decision makers in this world are the leaders. Most leaders are, by their natures, self-serving sociopaths who will do literally anything to maintain their power. We, the people, meanwhile are able only to voice our protest against injustice and bullying with little prospect of curtailing the vile activities of either the powerful leaders, or the ignorant and insanely criminal extremists who fight for a cause they fail to properly understand.

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  3. Well, I was proved correct in my assertion regarding the number of this blog’s followers who would read this post. A paltry fifty-one out of the four hundred and eighty-three bothered. Truly pitiful!


  4. I don’t often agree with what you say, but this time I do. We should never have gotten involved in anything in the Middle East. Now that we have, we’re going to be forced to stay involved, at least until new strong leaders arise. Unfortunately those leaders will be called dictators after a few years and the all knowing leaders will be rooting for new cars bio wars to oust them.
    Great post, hopefully some people will read it and have their eyes opened.

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  5. Oh I’ve read it alright. I’ve written plenty myself. Perhaps I’m not as brazen as you Jack. I hesitate to talk about my political views in cyber space. But I will say I agree with you and the article written by Robert. I called it long ago. A dragon was unleashed when troops started invading the middle-east; a dragon that spreads its fire tirelessly. And interesting how no other middle east country is standing with the west and trying to aid in this never ending war. Even they don’t want to get involved. I’m an optimist, but I don’t see anything good coming.

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  6. Reblogged this on mira prabhu and commented:
    Although I generally stay away from politics, knowing little and often wanting to know less, I found Jack Eason’s recent post most interesting. I think you might too.

    Jack’s friend and fellow author Robert Bauval, who was born and brought up in Egypt, has summed up the situation perfectly in a recent post on Facebook:

    “I have often heard people comment that Islam means “peace”, assuming, wrongly, that it is a derivative of the word “salam” which does indeed mean “peace”. But actually Islam means “submission” i.e. to submit to Allah. The expansion of Islam from Arabia where it began in the 7th century, has been mainly through warfare and occupation of other countries mostly under Christian, Hindu and Buddhist religions.” Now please do read on…

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  7. Jack, I read your post and have a little more than two cents to add to the dialogue. That so few out of 483 read your post, isn’t surprising. We have become America the Uninformed. It is easier and more fun to play follow twitter and Facebook. Oh, what is Kim Kardashian wearing?
    Drug addicts and alcoholics like Charlie Sheen dominate the news. Now, if your post talked about sex or gossip, you would have had 200 comments. But that is a chat for another day.

    First, I will express my disappointment in your post and the Facebook post of your friend Robert Bauval. I agree that a spade should be called a spade. This useless political correctness (bullshit) started by the nauseating Clintons back in the 90s has to stop. Both of you failed to name the President, our Coward in Chief, Barack Obama as the incompetent idiot who has failed to act, and FAILED TO LABEL ISIS/ISIL AS TERRORISTS. Ironically, Obama has no problem referring to the GOP and conservatives as terrorists. He incorrectly said ISIL/ISIS was the JV squad. And he played golf while Christians were being beheaded. His name should have appeared somewhere in this essay.

    Next, there are many times I have said the US should stay out of other people’s business. But when you really stop to think about it, there was this little skirmish over fifty years ago, called World War ii, where everyone turned to look away while Hitler broke every rule from the First World War armistice. You see where that got us. Before the United States takes an isolationist policy, we should adopt a policy of “do it our way or its the highway” when it comes to financial support meted out.

    According to U.S. government reports. since the end of World War II, we have distributed over 299 billion dollars (in funds, food, medicine and equipment, etc) to ten oil producing countries in the Middle East. WHY? They still hate us. Saudi Arabia (a phony ally of ours) still funds terrorists organizations behind our back. Stop sending these countries aide. LET THEM EAT SAND AND DRINK PETROLEUM. Those propped up governments will sing a different tune once they stop receiving financial help. (So, here we are in financial trouble with a 19 trillion dollar deficit, borrowing money from the Chinese to support the rest of the ungrateful world). Do you see the insanity in this?

    Next step, America’s oil addiction has to stop. Idiots like Obama and Hilary “I never told a lie” Clinton refuse to help support the Keystone Pipeline, which would eventually lessen American dependency for outside energy resources. The day we no longer need outside sources for oil, is the day we can walk away from the despots, terrorists, and the like.

    Ultimately, Muslims and Islamic terrorism is not one in the same. We should better educate Americans to realize that. Once we do that, perhaps the bleeding heart liberals can focus on other matters they know so much more about, women and gay rights, abortion, and turning America into a welfare state it has gradually become.

    So, Ironically, here I sit rooting for Communist Russia. Putin has more balls than all the other world leaders combined, I read daily news reports of the Russians dropping bombs by the ton, and I applaud and celebrate. Why couldn’t Obama be like that? Then, I stop to think, I am rooting for a Communist. Oh God. How could that be? Then I remember, 51% of Americans receive some type of government assistance or subsidy. Obama wants income redistribution. He approved NSA surveillance of all Americans. He FORCED everyone to join his failed Obamacare. We have a Muslim communist in the White House.

    Go Putin!

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  8. I, too, found it interesting that most of the ‘refugees’ wanting to come into America and Europe were men, young men who should have been fighting to save their country, but were infiltrating the US and Europe. I have yet to see these ‘refugees’ encompass the way of life of their new country. They come to (supposedly) have a better life, but want the accepting country to change to their way of life. If they want what they had at home, they should stay there. I knew we were in ‘deep shit’ when Obama stated that Muslims were instrumental in developing our country at the beginning. I don’t remember any Muslims – or Islamic faith members – on the Mayflower. I have checked the names on our Constitution, again, I don’t see any that seem of Muslim/Islamic heritage. Maybe I need to study my history more, but since this is what I was taught, I’ll go with it. We now have Muslims in Congress who won’t swear oath on the Bible, got traditions changed to enter the building, want to change our Constitution, and will not uphold our laws. We’re screwed – thanks to Obama bringing thousands and placing them in strategic locations. I think it is great America wants to help other nations, but, I feel, if they don’t want our help, they don’t need our funding. Why fund those who hate us? WWII. Japan surrendered. Remember Hiroshima? Sometimes it just takes a large set of balls to put things into perspective. Good blog entry. Sad most won’t read it.

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    • Folk here in Europe and where you are Bob prefer to hide their heads in the sand. At least until they or someone they know becomes a victim of a Jihadist!!! Then idiots take charge and before you know it we’re at war!!!

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      • So true. Just like the school shootings we have here. Everyone is appalled and immediately screams to confiscate guns. Uh, personally, I’ve yet to see a gun kill anyone. It is the person with the finger on the trigger. Taking away guns won’t stop it – ask any thug. I’m sure they went through all the proper channels to get their gun. If a person wants to kill, they will find a way. Just like the jihadists – if you bring a fox into a hen house, trust me, you’re going to lose a hen or two. Our liberals are the ones who will look at a fox with feathers on its face and not connect the dots. If the fox eats one chicken and doesn’t get ‘caught’ – at that point, the other chickens are lost. It is just a matter of how quickly. Once the last chicken is missing, the fox will move on to a new hen house. If the fox isn’t laying eggs, keep it out of the hen house. If Muslims don’t want to assimilate the new country’s ways, have them move on. You needn’t bend over backwards to accommodate them. You’re the host, not the guest. How long do you allow a guest to abuse your hospitality in your house?

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  9. I agree that failed Middle Eastern policies have given rise to more radical Islamic groups. As an American, I sometimes don’t know what to think about Trump’s Middle Eastern forays. Saber rattling against Iran, I fear, will not lead to anything good.

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