Writers are writers!


I’m with Derek on this one. Either you are a proven writer, or you are a wannabe who fell at the first hurdle after being rejected, and has now decided to adopt the appellation of editor or publisher, in the vain hope that the publishing world will take you seriously. Some adopt ‘Editor’ hoping to raise their profile in their social circle or in the workplace, otherwise known as social climbing.

Your kind are ten a penny. You can be found on any Social Media site. Typically you start out by calling yourself Gemima Smith author, or Author Gemima Smith, having never actually written a word in your life other than your name, let alone had a book published, before you abandon the idea of writing altogether, placing it in the too hard basket, deciding to call yourself Editor. For god’s sake wake up! Your fooling nobody. All you are doing is making a total idiot of yourself…

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