Another Progress Report

3d book

Just a quick progress report for you all. Firstly I realized the other day that the names I had decided on for my female character’s all start with the letter ‘C’. Knowing how the internet trolls love to pounce on trivialities like that I’ve made changes. So, besides Céleste the other two ladies are now referred to as Flávia and Rieko.

In the meanwhile I’ve just introduced a few more players into the mix. Take a look at the following passage where David is about to reveal who and what they are to Andreas and Lukas:

“Remember when you asked if Céleste could do something for you like she did for me all those years ago my friend? Well your wish is about to come true, only not necessarily in the way you and I originally envisaged it might happen. One of the ancient intelligences Céleste and I met inside turns out to be female. Her name is Lilith. Does that name ring a bell with either of you by any chance? No. Well it damn well should. She and the rest of them were once worshipped as gods and goddesses by the Sumerians and Akkadians thousands of years ago back on Earth; and in all likelihood by other equally superstitious peoples prior to that specific chapter in Earth’s relatively short history of human occupation. One thing though, before either of you open your mouths in her presence, if I were you I’d mind what I say. We all know how formidable Céleste can be at times when crossed, am I right? Well prepare to meet someone potentially far more so gentlemen,” he added with a huge grin on his heavily sweat encrusted face. For the doctor to be able to fulfil his desire to share his life with a beautiful female companion like Céleste, might become a distinct possibility in the near future once he had got over the shock of what was about to happen where Flávia is concerned that is.


So there you have it for the moment. A lot has already happened to Apkallu and her crew in the twenty-three thousand plus words I’ve written so far. The story is now about to take a different direction, meaning yet more danger and unexpected encounters for them all…

More later,


PS – things are really hotting up between my two main characters David, and the drop dead gorgeous artificial intelligence Céleste, as their love affair grows. However, like all relationships theirs has its share of decidedly rocky moments as well as its tender ones.

To borrow from Lysander in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream –

“Ay me! For aught that I could ever read,

Could ever hear by tale or history,

The course of true love never did run smooth.

But either it was different in blood—”

So why should it be any different where Céleste and David are concerned I have to ask myself?


10 thoughts on “Another Progress Report

  1. Jack, I enjoy reading the tempters for your book but please finish it already! Then I can buy it and read the whole thing. Don’t worry about the trolls because while they’re ripping into someone they are only happy when getting a response so ignoring them is the only way to get rid of them.

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