When writing love scenes, its always better to suggest than to describe…


Ok, so does this stunningly beautiful young woman meet with your approval? She does? Good, now that I have your complete and undivided attention, lets get on with what I want to talk about today.

In other words, how I go about writing the many intimate moments between the principal characters in my current work in progress, the drop dead gorgeous artificial intelligence Céleste, (In case you hadn’t noticed, that’s her in my blog’s header above this post) and the human she loves, David O’Leary.

Let’s face it, when it comes to a lot of the books on offer under the heading of romance, what you get these days is porn. If only the authors concerned had taken the time and trouble to think things through first, instead of being in such a blinding hurry to get themselves noticed. There really is no need to resort to spelling out every little detail in such an explicit manner as some writers tend to do, when describing what’s going on…

Suggestion is always the key to writing any and all scenes of a sexual nature, never full on description.

In the first draft of any such scene, I start by spelling it out, leaving absolutely nothing whatsoever to the imagination, merely to get the scene firmly fixed in my mind. Then by taking the sentences one at a time as I go back over what I initially wrote, by carefully choosing my words I rewrite each one until they still say what I originally intended, but purely by suggestion or allusion. That way I leave it entirely up to the fertile imagination of the reader to fill in the blanks for themselves.

In other words, unless you have been living in a cave, cut off from the rest of humanity for your entire life, you will know exactly what is happening in the particular scene without my having to spell it out for you.

The art of suggestion is not a difficult technique to master, providing you are prepared to think about how you want the scene to finally end up looking on the page. In other words, take your time to ensure that the reader will totally ‘get’ what you are saying without being embarrassed or disgusted by what they have just read.

Not too many years ago, the way I’m currently writing the love scenes between Céleste and David would definitely have enraged some narrow minded individuals, while the romance lovers back then would simply enjoy them for what they are.

Well I’d better get on with the next scene in the chapter I’m currently writing, now that I’ve finally cooled down after completing their latest steamy moment together. Hopefully by now Céleste and David will also have done the same thing – cool down I mean. But knowing the pair of them as I do, I’m betting they haven’t… 🙂

That’s it for now folks. More later if your good,



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