Making Money From Words Is Never Easy


Comparing the price of either a paperback or a hardback with the ebook has never made any kind of sense to me, and yet people somehow or other equate product quality with how much money the product is being offered at. Some people, particularly my own (the English), still turn their noses up at the ebook version of any book, believing that because its being offered in a cheap form popular in America, that it must be an inferior product. Yes you heard me right folks. I live in ‘the’ land of literary snobs!!!!

The ebook is just the latest and by far the cheapest, most convenient way of buying a book there is to be had at the moment, allowing more and more people to read a book of their choice on their phone while commuting to and from work every day.

Here’s something else for all the penny-pinching dumbasses out there to think about  –  if you didn’t like the book, what have you lost?  Damned all! Especially when you probably got a free copy of the ebook in a promotion. Either that or maybe you spent no more than $2.99. Whatever the case may be, wake up to yourselves and stop being so damnably snobbish about ebooks. Embrace them, they’re here to stay whether you like it or not!!!!

Now the real reasons for those price differences

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