15 thoughts on “How Do You Measure Your Success As A Writer?

  1. So far, I have written one book. Others are in the hopper but the first, Like a Child to Home, occasionally is commented on by someone who is unfamiliar with the world of social work and child welfare. The comment are usually “Yeah, your novel opened my eyes. You had a tough job.” And this was my purpose, to show some of the work involved in my kind of social work, paint snapshots of the kids I met along the way. Like every other author, I’d like as many people as possible to read my creation. Not many will I suppose. Nevertheless, some have, others will. In a world of millions of books, I can live with that…and write on.

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  2. There are two types of writers in my opinion: those who write for their own pleasure and to connect with readers; and those who write for a paycheck, mercenaries who also write to connect with readers, but for different reasons.

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