No Way Am I Buying A Big Mac!


I’m with Derek on this one. Fast food is too expensive for what you get. It would be far more beneficial to you from a nutritional standpoint if you discarded the thing pretending to be food in the guise of two halves of a bread bun surrounding plastic cheese and a highly questionable meat product of dubious origin, and simply ate the cardboard box your fast food comes in. If lovers of this kind of product simply followed my advice, they would very soon get their svelte figures back, instead of looking like bloated Hippopotami!!!

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4 thoughts on “No Way Am I Buying A Big Mac!

  1. I used to eat Big Macs occasionally when I was younger and not so worried about the fat and carbs. Now I wouldn’t touch one, although for a very rare indulgence we might have a plain burger somewhere (actually Ted Turner’s restaurant is the best because it serves buffalo which has little to no fat).

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