…the conundrum of an Author’s earnings… what price a Kindle eBook?…

Seumas on what authors recieve in royalties since the E-book market changed…

Seumas Gallacher

…how long is a piece of string?… how deep is the universe?… as an outsider, how does Kanye West observe humanity?… puzzles more simply solved, p’raps, than the vexatious issue of what an Author gets paid for her/his  labours on the eBook circuit… granted the ease-of-click-a-download-buttonand the close-to-commoditisation-of-eBookshas driven down the levels at which normally sensible people will pay for a book… I say ‘normally sensible people’, ‘coz, for most other products available online, there is not such an outrageous expectation of ‘flooring’of prices for stuff from the Web… apart from the initial phenomenon several years ago, when a mere handful of titles were pushed out at 99 cents or 99 pence and ramped up a million sales, these were the absurd ‘black swan syndrome’ exceptions to the ROOL… the overwhelming majority of titles do not enjoy such download volumes… I’ve seen it recorded sum’where…

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