Just a friendly word of warning


Whenever anyone is accused of misspelling a word by a self rightious, some might even say pig ignorant, grammar nazi, especially one living somewhere in the United States where what passes for English is nothing more or less than a mishmash of several long since dead seventeenth century English dialects and ways of spelling, those of us who actually write and converse using the genuine article, can be forgiven for seeing red occasionally and lashing out in defence of our language!

So grammar nazis, I would strongly suggest that you think long and hard before you feel tempted to open your big mouth to pull someone up for the way they spell a word, unless you wish to become publically exposed as a total ignoramus. The ball is entirely in your court…

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11 thoughts on “Just a friendly word of warning

  1. I have an author client and when I first started re-editing her work, I queried why she said in the front matter that her book was written in British English. Because, she’d had criticism about spelling and word usage. I find it annoying that a British author feels the need to explain what language her book is written in. I have yet to see the book that explains it is written in Americanese (or Americanish if you prefer). I read a book set mainly in London, didn’t approach America, yet was written in Americanese just because the main character was American (as was the author obviously). It read most oddly.

    And I have also blogged more than once about Americanese not being the only form of English.

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