…the conundrum of an Author’s earnings… what price a Kindle eBook?…

Seumas on what authors recieve in royalties since the E-book market changed…

Seumas Gallacher

…how long is a piece of string?… how deep is the universe?… as an outsider, how does Kanye West observe humanity?… puzzles more simply solved, p’raps, than the vexatious issue of what an Author gets paid for her/his  labours on the eBook circuit… granted the ease-of-click-a-download-buttonand the close-to-commoditisation-of-eBookshas driven down the levels at which normally sensible people will pay for a book… I say ‘normally sensible people’, ‘coz, for most other products available online, there is not such an outrageous expectation of ‘flooring’of prices for stuff from the Web… apart from the initial phenomenon several years ago, when a mere handful of titles were pushed out at 99 cents or 99 pence and ramped up a million sales, these were the absurd ‘black swan syndrome’ exceptions to the ROOL… the overwhelming majority of titles do not enjoy such download volumes… I’ve seen it recorded sum’where…

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The Last Chapter Has Begun

3d e-book

While I wait to get my friend Debby Gies’s carefully considered thoughts on Céleste’s story from a female perspective, as it is predominantly a love story, albeit set in space, I’ve gone back over the preceding chapters to tweek them yet again. Now that I’m satisfied with the way they read, there are no more excuses. I can finally give the last chapter my complete and undivided attention.

To give you a flavour of what Céleste and Apkallu’s crew are heading into, here for your edification is Chapter Six’s thoroughly tweeked opening statement:

‘ As Apkallu travelled across the spiral arms of the Milky Way, heading towards Scutum-Crux, the fourth surrounding the galaxy’s unforgiving core, life aboard her was anything but merely routine. Depending on which part of the galaxy she happened to be passing through at the time, each presented its own set of problems. Better the crew remained in stasis, totally unaware of what was actually happening all around them. Or at least until Apkallu finally arrived at the planet Flávia and her colleagues had chosen as mankind’s new home. You know what they say – ignorance is bliss…’

Will I be making their lives easier? What do you think? Don’t be silly! That would be boring in the extreme, wouldn’t it?

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Thank You, Public Lending Right!

Thank You, Public Lending Right!

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Cold and very wintry just now. Central heating is needed for freezing authors! Cold and very wintry just now. Central heating is needed for freezing authors!

It’s at this time of year that authors all sit back and stare in horror at their bank accounts.

Christmas is past. Long past. The summer is a long way away. The heating has to be funded, food bought, children’s dance lessons, hockey lessons, rugby lessons all have to be paid for, as well as the clothes to go with them. And the last shot of income was back in September or October. The next income? Perhaps April. Authors get paid every six months for the sales their books achieved in the half year before that – so the income in April will be based on book sales from July to December the year before. And right now all the festivities have to be paid for, as well as the tax bill.

There is one bright light…

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Is Ebook Promotion Becoming Less Effective?


The one thing most authors, desperate to get your attention conveniently forget when shelling out their hard earned cash on paid book promotion, is that they have to sell a hell of a lot of books to break even, before they can begin to reap any profits for their hard work in the form of book sale royalties, or more often than not these days – pay per page read!!!

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WordPress Plugin Updates Can Drive You Crazy


Is anyone else ticked off with being giving no choice in the matter about which version of a WordPress function they use?

Has WP never heard the expression “If it aint broke, don’t fix it!” WP seems obsessed with ‘improving’ things that worked perfectly well like the post composer/editor screen, before they decided to improve it.

The latest version is very definitely not improved. For a start, its working area on your screen has been reduced in size. It’s even missing some of the old composer/editor’s standard functions such as a spell checker for crying out loud!!!


Derek is ticked off, and so am I!!!