I’m re-reading a favourite at the moment


Writers always write the kind of books they want to read themselves. In that regard I’m no different. Of all my books, the above novel, re-titled Race Against  Time is still one of my favourites, as is the follow up The Forgotten Age.

Now that my latest Céleste, is finally out there waiting to be bought and read, I can afford the luxury of taking the time to re-read the book that became an instant best seller for me back in 2012, much to the chagrin of an assortment of trolls, pedants, grammar nazis, so-called professional editors and a handful of writers from both camps (traditional and Indie) who at the time were, and probably still are for all I know, jealous of its success.

Without exception every single one of them attacked Seventh for its errors. To those individuals I say show me a book, or version of a book, that doesn’t contain errors, then do us all a favour – for god’s sake get over yourselves!

As you might have guessed by now, I have no time for fools of any kind. Life is too damned short to put up with their nonsense! While I’m on the subject my fellow writers, when the product of your own work is attacked by the likes of them, pay them no heed no matter whether they attack by review or comment. Never make the mistake of interacting with them in any forum. That is precisely what they want you to do!!!


Now, if you are curious about Seventh, here is the blurb

The Mayan clock stopped predicting events beyond 2012. Why did it not continue beyond that date?
Rebel archaeologist Nick Palmer experiences an almost unnoticed event at Stonehenge during the summer solstice celebration of 2011, which he attends along with hundreds of others, that worries him greatly. He is made aware through a blog, of a sinister organization known as the ‘Order’, that are seemingly bent on preventing his every move to discover the reason behind the worrying event.
During his voyage of discovery, Nick is tracked across the world by an enigmatic entity that has been trapped here on Earth for over twenty-five thousand years, awaiting the discovery of the event by what she refers to as a ‘surface-dweller’. Together with her and the few people he trusts implicitly, they set out to prevent the alarmingly inevitable catastrophic conclusion that will affect not only the Earth, but the whole Solar System’s very existence…


PS – Once I’ve read it, I’ll do the same with The Forgotten Age as well…


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