Something In The Boat House

More from our gorgeous Lucy 😉

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

The Boat House is a quaint, if rather run-down, establishment situated away from Old College, along by the River. A whitewashed 1920s building with a peaked roof and decidedly unsafe-looking balcony overlooking the water, I have often thought it strange that the Boat House does not receive the same level of meticulous care as the rest of College. It might be something to do with the Boat Master, a somewhat terrifying chap with wild hair and eyes even wilder than that. Legend has it that he coxed* for The Other Place in his dim, distant youth but it is hard to imagine it now. He is like a fat little bear; a bear with a very sore head, at that.

The Boat Master is passionate about his boats and his rowers but inexplicably hostile about just about everything else. He doesn’t seem to be around when I enter the ramshackle…

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