An appeal on behalf of a lady

3d e-book

With just six copies bought todate, and despite 330 pages, or 3.5106382978723 copies being read so far. When it comes to how much Amazon owes me since the book is now part of their Kindle pay per page read system, multiply 330 by US$00.0005. If that doesn’t tell you why authors need actual book sales above all else, then nothing will.

Meanwhile my darling Céleste still waits for you to read her story. Come on folks, be fair to the lady. She needs your help! Here is where her story stood yesterday according to and’s statistics:



If you think for one minute that those figures are good – you’re dreaming, they’re not!

Unless you stir yourself and click on the appropriate Amazon link for you in the list shown below, to buy a copy and review it, it won’t be long before her love affair will soon vanish into the slush pile along with millions of other unloved books(no pun intended)!

Do the decent thing and help the lady out. After all, what’s a paltry US$2.99 or the equivalent where you live? Nothing/ Nada/ Zip. It’s chump change. Instead of buying that cup of coffee or a doughnut, both of which are bad for you, by a copy of Céleste!

Share in her romantic adventure by doing something that doesn’t come naturally to you – open your wallets and use some of your small change to buy your own copy.














Don’t let the lady down by merely clicking ‘like’ for this post. Support her.

Remember this – without actual sales of any book there can be no reviews, Conversely, without reviews there are never any sales of books.

When I gave you a series of progress reports and snippets while writing her story, you all loved them, or at least you hinted that you did. Now its time to put your money where your mouth is and buy a copy. It’s only ninety-four pages in length, or two hours normal reading time. Then review it on Amazon.

If any of you are waiting until it comes out in paperback – forget it! There is no point in my going to the time, expense and trouble for a book that at the moment, fails to sell.


Now then, while you put yourself in Céleste’s shoes for a moment to contemplate how, like her, you hate to be ignored, why don’t you listen to Katie Perry, and John Mayer amongst others, singing their hearts out.


5 thoughts on “An appeal on behalf of a lady

  1. I’m thinking of giving all my books aways for free, Jack. Then begging for donations. It couldn’t be any less lucrative. Actually, I think the beggar next to the pay machine at the car park today probably does better than I do from books. lol 🙂

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