Messing About On The River

Another episode of The Secret Diary of PorterGirl by the lovely Lucy 🙂

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

We do not have to wait too long before Head Porter and Headmistress are soon having a shove up the River, their young chauffeur chattering enthusiastic nonsense as they pull away from the Boat House. The Professor and I emerge from the tool cupboard and head out to find a punt of our own.

“We must make many sure to get the the quickest and fastest punt ever,” the Professor says, casting a critical eye over the fleet before us. “It must be a punt worthy of two warriors.”

I do admire his meticulous nature and have not the heart to tell him that one punt is pretty much as good as another. Nonetheless, he seems to find one that suits his exacting requirements and hops in nimbly, seating himself right in the middle of the punt.

“The sudden, this is perfect!” he enthuses. “Come come, Deputy Head Porter, let’s…

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