Change Of Plan

The latest episode from the lovely Lucy 🙂

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

The silence in the back room of the Porters’ Lodge could be eaten with a spoon. Not that I would advise that; the spoons in the Porters’ Lodge are rarely cleaned properly and I have it on good authority that this type of silence does bad things for the digestion.

The Dean glowers at us, sporting a wide legged-stance and quivering arms so tightly folded I fear a vacuum has been created somewhere within his jumper. He arches an eyebrow and focuses his laser-like gaze firmly on me. Why me?

Luckily, Professor Duke comes to my rescue.

“Now, look here for a few,” he says, fiddling with his hat. “The sudden, it looks as if you’ve stumbled upon our plot. This is something indeed. I say, you should just congratulate yourself a bit. A time for celebrating, see.”

“I just knew you were up to something!” Roars…

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