The second review

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Céleste just received her second review


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I was recommended this book and am glad she said to read it. The story while set in space, covers a ton of ground. We start on a ship set for deep space exploration and placing all the crew in stasis. At points all are woken to perform tasks and this is where our story actually lives, the interaction with the crew and the AI on board that is Celeste. Predictably, we have a bit of love, lust, desire, jealousy, and all the rest. Sadly, near the end the author stopped using his thesaurus. Also, I was saddened that it did end so abruptly, like an old Saturday Matinee.. “See you next week for the continuing exploits of our crew”  Other than that t’was a good read.
So there you have it. Like a lot of today’s reviewers with no appreciation of what it actually takes to sit down and write a book, Morris just had to add a couple of totally asinine comments, reducing his review to the level of borderline Amazon troll…

4 thoughts on “The second review

  1. It does seem a little unbalanced – he gives it 4 stars but essentially says the ending is crap?? Generally books that I find end too soon are the best! Wanting to read more is the mark of a great writer. Don’t take it to heart, he seems to be looking for faults. It is the way of things.

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  2. We have to remember that most good reviewers are frustrated writers and bad reviewers are frustrated good reviewers. At least that’s my opinion. Don’t be down about it. Just catalog what’s useful and move on.

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    • I’m not Don. All ten of my books have been subjected to ‘reviews’ by individuals like him and blatant trolls over the past two decades. I’m used to the ravings of non professional reviewers – it goes with the territory. Down no, saddened yes…

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