I’m sorry to say this to today’s younger generation but electronic music is not a new phenomena by any means, despite what you may think.

I remember back when Jean Michel Jarre came up with this work of pure genious back in nineteen seventy-six. He is still the undisputed master as far as I’m concerned…

Do yourselves a favour and listen to it in it’s entirety.


5 thoughts on “Oxygene

  1. Jean Michel Jarre has been a massive inspiration on my professional life. His Houston concert is still one of the most amazing public concerts ever staged. I’ve seen him live twice, at Maine Road football ground and the MEN Arena in Manchester. And I still use the word chronologie as part of my main email address.

    If you listen to a lot of trance you’ll hear his influence buried in the music. I don’t know if modern dance producers acknowledge his legacy – some of them do – but he was a pioneer. He and Krafwerk laid the foundations for what we hear today.

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