Something that utterly infuriates me

I don’t know how you feel, but when terms are incorrectly applied I always see red!

For example, despite what some in the music world might have you believe, the term band should only ever apply to military musicians playing Cornets, Trumpets, Euphoniums, Tubas, Tenor Horns, Trombones etc, etc. On the other hand, the term group is used to describe vocalists who accompany their singing by playing a combination of lead, rhythm and bass guitars, keyboards and drums.

Today’s generation are being deliberately mislead about both terms in my view by the very people who should know better. Of course I refer to the utterly clueless judges on talent shows like The X Factor or Britain/America’s Got Talent, who think that a group singing and playing instruments constitutes a band. Mind you, given their complete lack of understanding of both terms, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they thought it perfectly acceptable to refer to a singing quartet, choir or orchestra as a band or group as well.

IT ISN’T!!!!

So for the sake of the Simon Cowells of this world, the above is a band…


…whereas this is a group

PS – don’t forget to click on one or other of the videos, depending on you musical preference…

Bah Humbug – grrr



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