What is the point?


Get your copy of Céleste’s love story by clicking on the cover above if you buy from Amazon.com. For anyone in the UK, here is the link.


Now to the point of this post.

To paint you a picture of publishing today, typical for Indies, sales of Céleste’s love story are practically non existent at thirteen copies, eleven of them bought via Amazon in the US, one in Australia, and one here in the UK. In other words – situation normal these days for the vast majority of fulltime Indie writers like myself. At that rate it will take me years, possibly decades, just to get back the money spent on taking the gamble to get a professional cover done!

Normally when I offer a book for free to promote it, hundreds of copies are taken up by people who love to get something for nothing, even if they have no intention of actually reading the book in question. Not this time. Just thirty – truly pathetic!

Even the pre-publishing promotion period only resulted in one copy eventually being bought. As for the reviews – she has a measly two.

Click here to read them.

Why do I bother spending months writing a book, all the while promoting it, not to mention spending money, which I can ill afford, if no one wants to read it? Why do any of us for that matter?

Because we love to write, even if you can’t be bothered to read the end product, that’s why!

The hackneyed excuse often used here in the UK for not reading any given ebook is “Oh, I only ever read real books.” What complete and utter tripe! Whether it appears for sale as an electronic file, on paper, or carved in marble – a book is still a book!!!

It’s funny how people are always quick with their praise whenever we writers offer snippets from the book we’re working on via our blogs or webpages. But when it comes to actually buying a copy, suddenly they vanish from the face of the Earth!

Are you one of those of whom I speak?

Help Céleste out by doing something that completely goes against the grain for you, especially if you live here in the UK. Buy an ebook copy of her story at $2.99 US, or £2.06 UK.

PS Goblin Tales is another glaring example of zero sales, despite it being praised up hill and down dale by some of those who bought and read them in their original form, prior to my updating them.

PPS – Without significant sales of Céleste, which by the way is extremely well written (ask Nicholas Rossis and Derek Haines if you don’t believe me). At the moment I am seriously considering publishing no more books in the future.

Talking to one or two other long time published writers within the Indie writing community, like me they are also considering the same thing. We don’t need the aggravation, angst and heartache of constantly having to bang our heads against a damned brickwall each time we bring out another title. Will we carry on writing? Of course. But only for our personal enjoyment and that of our dear friends, who are mostly fellow writers.

Unless you are totally indifferent to the plight of an Indie writer, you will have deduced by now that I’m not exactly enamoured with the reading public at the moment. Mind you its not just me who feels this way. All writers find themselves between a rock and a hard place, while hoping upon hope to be read – which is all any of us want, truth be told.

Believe it or not, even our brothers and sisters working for traditional publishing rarely if ever earn more than £11,000 pa – a figure well below the poverty line, but positively stratospheric compared to the average Indie earnings of maybe £100pa, if we’re lucky.

Years ago when my fellow writer and good friend Derek Haines and I started out, the ebook world was our oyster. It was good while it lasted…



19 thoughts on “What is the point?

  1. Write not for the money Jack, write only because you enjoy it and want to read that type of story you yourself would enjoy.
    Others will find and enjoy them sometime, the way I did.
    When anything you enjoy becomes attached to earnings, it ceases to be enjoyable and becomes a job!

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  2. We don’t write books anymore Jack. We write Internet content, which Amazon sells on. That they have now over 5 million ebooks, means they have a lot of content to sell. But the jam gets a bit thin on the toast for all the millions of writers.

    When we started out in self publishing, we were selling books, and not ebooks. That was a great time, and although we didn’t get rich, we made enough to keep our writing and enthusiasm going.

    But here we are in a different time, and ebooks are the main game. Like I said, they are little more than Internet content, not dissimilar to blogs. Just text on a screen.

    The saddest fact for me is that my blogs make more money than my ebooks. Every month, my income from advertising on my blogs is three or four times my books sales income. So why should I write an 80,000 word book for peanuts, when I can write an 800 word blog post that will earn a better return and put jam on my toast?

    Hell, why not have damn advertising in ebooks? Then I might stand a chance of making a crust from them !!!! :)))

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  3. I, for one, never saw your book in any ebook emails, which I get a lot of. Maybe you didn’t try to get in any, but if you did I never saw it.
    I’d consider buying your book, but I have too many to read as it is.
    I hope your book starts selling.

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