In Search Of Employment

Something to brighten your day. 😀


Somewhat later than many of my contemporaries, one of whom now sits within sniffing distance of power in the outer rooms of 10 Downing Street, while another twirls a scalpel with nonchalant skill before practising life-saving surgery on the patient before him; not all are as successful admittedly, I have spent a little more time than normal searching for that expression of ability which I dream will catapult me and mine into a life of scones, leisure and sun-kissed holidays.

For many years now, I have toiled anonymously in the warehouse of a major vegetarian food retailer sharing my insights with pallet-loads of haricot beans, or caramelised artichokes, and maintaining my morale by sending off voice tapes to the larger mainline railway stations advising them that I was available for work as a voice artiste in the platform announcement industry, an ambition sparked by childhood memories of the rapt attention…

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