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There are some years that start well, others that don’t start so well. This one’s not been good. We always knew that would start badly, though. I lost a very dear friend, Andy Setchell. What with that and my daughter going through the horrors of her mock GCSE exams, YouTube and my blogging activities have been pretty dramatically curtailed. Apologies for that.

However, now I’m back – and with a vengeance, as you might say.

Now available as paperback too! Now available as paperback too!

Act of Vengeance came out as an ebook a while ago, but I’ve reissued it through Endeavour Press this year, which means you can also acquire it as a paperback novel. Many people expressed an interest in this (and I did have all their emails, but sadly I’ve had three computer failures since then, and lost all of them) and I hope that this very late addition to the Jecks…

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