Nuns, Milkman & Cake

The next episode from our Lucy 🙂

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

Parties have always played a big part in College life, in one way or another. With copious amounts of food and drink being something of an Old College tradition, I suppose parties are an unavoidable eventuality. Disguises, too, seem to be held in fairly high regard, particularly by The Dean. So it it comes as little surprise that I now find myself at a slightly surreal fancy dress party, attended by my friends and colleagues. In fact, the only perplexity is that it hasn’t happened sooner.

And, indeed, it is rather a rowdy affair by all accounts. Professor Duke has made quite the effort; I recognise Chef’s signature canapés dotted about the place and there is some curious music playing on a battered old record player in the corner. There is no sign of the marauding Shirley creature, I am happy to note.

This calls for a drink. I…

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