Banned Book Covers on Amazon KDP Ads


The case of a perfectly good book cover being considered appropriate one minute, and then inappropriate the next by the minions employed by KDP

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8 thoughts on “Banned Book Covers on Amazon KDP Ads

  1. I had this same issue. I had a great cover for one of the books in my detective series. Amazon accepted it in the Kindle store and on Createspace, but rejected it when it came to placing an ad. I was told, rather proudly, by the customer service rep that each of their divisions have different standards. This is not something to brag about. I kept the cover and proudly placed ads with other venues that had no problem accepting it.

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    • Why am I not surprised Don? Just look at how they deliberately ignore one and two star reviews while banning positive ones, if they believe the reviewer knows the author in question. Nothing Amazon does makes sense…

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