The Habit Of Being Armed & Dangerous

The next episode from our lovely Lucy 🙂

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

Our footsteps fall softly on the smooth grey flagstones as we make our way through the cloisters of Hawkins College, bathed in the milky moonlight of a sky that bears the beginnings of the taste of dawn. There is the faint tinkling sound of metal on metal coming from Professor Duke, which is strange as it is I who carries the cumbersome  keys to the College chapel.

I glance across at him and he smiles back, evidently enjoying himself. I have to admit, even I am becoming accustomed to being dressed as a nun. The habit is a surprisingly comfortable garment and the wimple negates the need to worry about what to do with one’s hair.

“Professor, slow down. Nuns don’t go marching about the place. We need to be more nun-like.”

“Well, this is it: it’s not easy being nun-like when one has three swords hidden beneath the…

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