Blood and Steel

Michael on Tata


A few of the 13 jobs I had before writing. A few of the 13 jobs I had before writing.

Over the years I’ve worked with many firms that went bust, and it’s horrible, every time. For those who are in there, and feel the earth taken away from under their feet, who feel the embarrassment and fear as they tot up the monthly outgoings and look at the blank sheet of income, it’s much worse than horrible. It’s a catastrophe.

Occasionally it can be entire industries, such as the coal industry that was destroyed so unnecessarily in the 1980s. Some guys say it’s a shame, a disgrace, that the steel industry should be supported and maintained. Others say it’s a shame, so sad, but the industry cannot compete.

I have sympathy with the families of the workers. I think Tata have been a good employer for the last few years, but that won’t make life any easier for the people who…

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