Infuriating or what?


If there is one company that really annoys me its Microsoft! All I wanted to do yesterday was to find and install an update for Windows Media Player. Would Microsoft oblige? Would they hell as like! To be able to do it they required that I use my Microsoft account. Thereby hangs a tale I’ve mentioned before if you have been following my blog.

Months ago I decided to update MS Office to its newest version. I bought and downloaded it via my Amazon account. But would Microsoft let me use it? They told me that I required an account with them. Slightly annoyed I complied by creating one with them. Diligently following their instructions after some time I had one, which they acknowledged, by telling me that it was live.

Great – now to liven up my new version of Office. Didn’t happen. Why? Because every time I got as far as filling in my email address and password in the required fields, Microsoft said that either my email address or my password was incorrect. I was more annoyed by the fact that I’d spent £70 on the newest version of MS Office that I can’t use because of their stupid system!

So when Microsoft demanded that I open up my account with them to download the latest version of Windows Media Player, the air turned blue around here I can tell you…

Needless to say I now have a non-Microsoft media player. Guess what, no rigmarole involved, just a simple download and automatic installation…



Continuing on the annoyed theme, if you see a grammar checker called Grammarly, don’t be tempted to download its free version to try it out. It’s utterly useless. Like most grammar checkers it contradicts itself (par for the course). But when it calls into question correctly spelt words, I cry enough already!!

Compared to Grammarly, my old MS Word 2010 grammar checker is a positive joy to use! The makers of Grammarly have a hell of a cheek demanding that the user pay a monthly amount after deciding to upgrade to its premium version for a program that is total rubbish!



Lastly, despite several months of trying, I’ve finally had to part company with Scrivener. It has to be the most frustrating, purpose designed system for writers there is. It strikes me that you need to be someone like W. Heath Robinson, he of the impossible inventions, to work out how to operate it. Logical it definitely is not!

So its back to my old faithful MS Word 2010 for me.

Bah humbug



4 thoughts on “Infuriating or what?

  1. I think Word 2000 was possibly the best version. I hate the “ribbon” on whatever version I’m using now (and just to show how horrible that version is — I couldn’t even find anyway to see what version it is within the program!). It does have a useful grammar/style check, Thesaurus, and spell check however, so I’ve stuck with it.

    For playing MP3s on my system, I use “Billy” which has very small memory needs so it doesn’t cause any slowdowns with my art software. It lacks some of the unnecessary bells and whistles, but is fast, small, and free 🙂

    Since it seems like many “updates” of software are downgrades or buggy, I have turned off all updates and only change things when security factors might be involved.

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