Can You Spot Bad Spelling?


Like any writer who uses English English, I have been taken to task by one or two total numpties living in the US for the spelling in my books, usually in the form of a one star review. One particular idiot should have known better than to leave his name. It made it easy to Google him. As it turns out he is an English teacher in a school in Texas. If he is a typical example of the quality of teachers employed, it doesn’t say much for the rest of the US education system does it?


6 thoughts on “Can You Spot Bad Spelling?

    • When I pointed out to him that as an English teacher, he should be conversant will all versions of the language, he soon shut up Adam. He is one of those who insist on adding the word ‘author’ to his name. I downloaded an e-book he had published. Needless to say it was utter rubbish. Did I review it? No. Why add to the man’s troubles? đŸ˜‰

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  1. Schools here in the US don’t teach ANYTHING relevant any more. No cursive writing, no algebra? Give me a break – we’re raising a generation of numbies. I hone in on bad spelling,bad grammar – things no one else seems to notice.

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  2. I’m not surprised, either. As for myself, I have to admit guilt to pointing out a British spelling as a mistake. I got “educated” as well. Funny thing, though, my Mother wed an Englishman, so I know about the inconsistencies between the two variations. So embarrassing…

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