For The Longest Moment.

See what you think about Ellen’s efforts. 😉



For the longest moment the world stopped, the air became thick and the branch creaked. I watched the legs twitch as urine ran freely from the bottom of his trouser legs, and there was a splash from the shoe that flipped and bounced off the lawn.

Not a sound could be heard inside our home, until  the tick and click of the boiler, the quiet roar that years later I’d recall  as the sound  a juvenile Dragon makes.

I  didn’t play with dolls after that, sudden noises made me flinch, made Mummy cry and our house sad.

Suicide dirtied our garden,  took my childhood, changed my world, and stole my Dad.

This is a hard subject to cover and I did not undertake it lightly. It is a fictional story and any likeness to any actuality is coincidental.

Have you tackled a difficult piece of fiction, do you tread where…

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