Bob Van Laerhoven – “Brussels, You’re Very Sick”

Bob’s thoughts on Brussels 😉

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I’ve received permission from Belgian author Bob Van Laerhovenh to repost something he wrote in a newsletter sent out yesterday to his subscribers that I found to be poignant and insightful. He had recently written a guest post for the site Murder is Everywhere about the terrorist attacks on Brussels on March. 22. There’s a link below to this article, “Brussels, You’re Very Sick”. I urge you all to take some time and read what Bob has to say, because he knows of what he speaks – Bio below**. (Bob was previously promoted on Reading Recommendations in April 2015.)


In my guest blog “Brussels, You’re Very Sick,” written last week and published on Saturday 9/04 on the international blog site Murder is Everywhere, I asked myself if Belgium will be able to cope adequately with the “new reality” after the terrorist attacks on 22/03 in Brussels Airport and the…

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5 thoughts on “Bob Van Laerhoven – “Brussels, You’re Very Sick”

  1. We were in Germany when the Brussels attacks happened. It was uber clear that overlapping jurisdictions of all sorts and unwillingness to share information is a major problem in that country. That situation is not only dangerous for Belgium itself but for all the other countries in Europe and yes, the US too.

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