I Really Hate Grammar Checkers!!!


As some of you may or may not know, I’m currently engaged in cleaning up my fantasy anthology Goblin Tales for its third and final edition. I’m doing this in order to produce a paperback version via Creatspace for all lovers of fantasy everywhere.

While I hate using any form of grammar checker, never the less I weakened once again to employ MS Word’s in-house system for the purposes of the exercise.

So far I’ve done one full run through to add every ‘Goblin Speak’ word to its dictionary. Now I am doing a grammar check, or at least I was until the stupid thing started to question perfectly acceptable words such as ‘himself’ when used correctly.

MS Word’s spelling and grammar checker simply fails to acknowledge the word, despite the fact that I have it specifically set up for British English. Instead it insists that I use ‘he’ or ‘him’. How can that be correct when according to the Oxford English Dictionary and Thesaurus its an acceptable word in the context in which I use it? After all, even Bing and Encarta which are linked to Word’s grammar checker agree with the OED for goodness sake.

Needless to say I’ve turned the damned thing off. The only thing to be said about proprietary spelling and grammar checkers is that they are obviously created by a committee of complete imbeciles! Don’t believe me? Just try the its/it’s test and watch your grammar checker argue with itself.

Life would be so much easier for all concerned if the scholars responsible for the OED had created one. To my knowledge, they haven’t…

It’s now time to get back to work. But before I go, there was one other thing I forgot to mention concerning the third edition of Goblin Tales. I was speaking to the creator of the Goblindom map Duncan Boswell the other day. He informs me that he has begun his preliminary sketches of all five goblins and Bejuss to help him produce the ‘family portrait’, which I need to add to the anthology.


4 thoughts on “I Really Hate Grammar Checkers!!!

  1. I am excited to hear the news about the family portrait. Now onto grammar checkers. I am dyspraxic and along with that comes dyslexia, so I rely on things like spell check and grammar checkers. They have let me down nearly all the time, with issues like you have had. At the moment I`ve downloaded Grammarly for free and so far, it`s working well. Unfortunately, it doesn`t work with my free word programme -sighs- one day, there will be a magical device that will take care of all grammar mistakes and spellings.

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