I Might Have Written My Last Book


Remember when I said that Derek Haines and I are quitting the self-publishing game after many years participation? Well, here is what he has to say on the subject.


9 thoughts on “I Might Have Written My Last Book

  1. Say it isn’t so! Derek makes some excellent points. The great thing about books is that they last forever. If people son’t notice them right now, there is nothing to say that they won’t in time. All creative industries are heartbreaking to an extent – and there is no accounting for the fickle tastes of the general public! I hope you both continue to put words on a page.

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  2. Jack, not good news! Not even close to publishing and the odds are stacked against me! Kind of knew this, however it hits home harder when seasoned writers like you and Derek tell it like it is. (sigh) 💛 Elizabeth

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