I never thought I’d be saying this!


I am a whisker away from giving up on writing altogether. After two decades of battling with millions of others to be read, I’ve reluctantly decided to stop trying to compete in the American controlled e-book market. Why? Because as my friend and fellow writer Derek Haines has said on more than one occasion of late – the good days for e-book sales are well and truly over.

Since Amazon decided that pay per page read was the best way for them to save on paying out royalties on all e-book sales, along with the utterly ridiculous system whereby all e-books submitted automatically disappear from view, thanks to their ratings algorithm dispatching them to the slush pile along with over five million others in less than a week. Publishing an e-book there is now a complete waste of time! In fact its the quickest way I know of these days to bury a book before the public has become even vaguely aware of its existence.

As you will already know, if you have been paying attention to my posts, the other day I signed up to yet another American based e-book aggregator – Draft2Digital, which on the surface looked good. But, in less than twenty-four hours they showed their true colours after I had uploaded my latest e-book Cรฉleste, which because of the completely ridiculous puritan moral stance by Apple and Barnes & Noble over what they deem suitable for their readers, D2D declined, after I was completely up front with them when I told them that because it’s a love story between an artificial intelligence and a human being, it has an erotic element.

By their ridiculous reaction you would think I’d blasphemed. Someone should explain the difference between eroticism and pornography to these idiots. Is it any wonder their share of the e-book market is shrinking with that attitude. Basically to please their masters (Apple and B&N) D2D wanted me to eliminate anything from the book they deemed morally repugnant according to their outmoded religious values. You can guess what my answer was. I immediately deleted the book entirely and closed down my account.

To hell with them. No writer likes being dictated to, least of all moi!!!

From now on my attention will be redirected back towards enlightened Europe and conventional publishers once again. I may not sell in the thousands like I used to, but…

To that end I’ve already begun Googling European publishing houses in preparation for when I’ve completed the paperback version of Goblin Tales. So far I’ve found two here in the UK – Pegasus, and Austin Macauley Publishers. I’ll keep on looking for more, no matter which EU nation they may be domiciled in.

Now I’d really better get back to work…



14 thoughts on “I never thought I’d be saying this!

  1. I decided right from the start to stay away from Kindle publishing and any other regulatory body which is what they are. Also I write to be read and if I want to share my book on my blog or in any other format then I am free to do so. In 18 years I have sold as many as I would have done I am certain. As well as using platforms such as Amazon to sell my books; I also have my own selling website that means I set the price and offer at nearly 50% off because of no commission or overheads. This has meant of course building up a reasonable following here on WordPress and FB etc. But even though people can read my books when serialised on the blog they are still going out and buying an Ebook copy to keep. You have a great following Jack.. I am sure that if you independently publish and use Amazon and the other platforms, but as your own seller, you will enjoy a much greater freedom. Ownership comes at a price but if you find the right people to work with you also get control.

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  2. I agree with Sally`s comment Jack. You will find a way and to hell with being dictated to indeed. I wonder what on earth they would have said to Laurel K. Hamilton about her books because she is very successful and there are loads of erotic scenes in her books. Keep going Jack, we all believe in you.

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  3. Sorry you have been having a bad time Jack. I think so long as people know what they are letting themselves in for they should (as adults) be able to choose what they wish to read. If a book has erotic content and an adult chooses to read it, I cant for the life of me see why a publisher should refuse to publish it as no one is being forced to read it! As a poet some of my poems contain erotic elements, I would not, however consider my poems as a whole erotic so would, in all honesty not tick the “erotic” box when submitting my book. Good luck with your writing. Kevin

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  4. I’ve given up on ebooks and am switching all my books to POD paperbacks. Amazon paid me $.32 for giving 4 books to members. Their scheme to pay per pages read uses illegal spyware on your computer that was never authorized by users and would either presume to track how many pages of a book is read or is simply paying based on estimations. Either way they are screwing authors out of royalties with the Kindle Unlimited program. The only people benefiting are the bottom-feeders who sell mommy porn.

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