Its Time To Pay The Piper!


Yesterday’s Chapter of Onet’s Tale was the last. Whether you appreciate the fact or not, thanks to my generosity of spirit I gave each and every one of you the privilege of reading a one of a kind novel, one chapter at a time, written in 2003 by myself then briefly published in 2010 before being pulled by the publisher when I left them after a dispute over their reluctance to pay royalties owed.

Now here’s the thing, according to WordPress’ stats, confirmed by Google Analytics, the number of you who actually took advantage of my offer, to say the least is pathetically small. Out of the five hundred and twenty people who currently follow this blog, only three actually read and commented as well as ‘Liking’. One of you from the prologue to the end. One is approximately nine tenths the way through as she catches up. The third is a late starter, still working his way through the early chapters. Together with one other person, two of them reblogged each chapter, for which I thank them.

What I need to know is how many of the few others who ‘Liked’ each chapter, actually read them? When I began posting Onet’s Tale over sixty days ago, I asked this exact same question of one fellow writer of my acquaintance. Unbelievably she informed me that she just ‘Liked’ because she did it out of respect. When I asked her if she had actually read the chapters she ‘Liked’, she replied that she hadn’t!

How can you possibly ‘Like’ a blog post unless you have taken the opportunity to actually read it in the first place. It makes no sense whatsoever! Her completely illogical response is why I’m now asking the few others who ‘Liked’ each chapter, other than the three who took the trouble to read the chapters as I published them, and then ‘Like’, did you actually read the book at least in part, or not?

We all know that while there are millions who still love to read, the majority who class themselves as writers these days, especially on all forms of Social Media – appear not too. Instead they pontificate endlessly on the English language and its use. In other words they do everything but write.

Whereas one or two of us like myself and my fellow authors Adele Marie Park, Bob Van Laerhoven and Derek Haines, are actually the genuine article. We don’t spend our entire time just talking about writing. We are writers in the truest sense of the word.

Now back to the totally illogical practice of ‘Liking’ blog posts. The whole concept of why people do it without reading the post(s) first, is utterly beyond me. After all, you wouldn’t ‘Like’ or dislike a sculpture, painting or play without first familiarising yourself with it first!

All I’m asking is that you try to break a bad habit. Start with this post. Don’t just click ‘Like’ – comment on it for goodness sake! Even if as one of the so-called writers out there who follow my blog, you completely disagree.

One thing is abundantly clear. I’m not the only one needing answers as to why it is people feel compelled to ‘Like’ blog posts, but neither read nor comment. Help me and everyone else make sense of this nonsensicle practice.

As for the fact that only three people actually read, or are currently still reading Onet’s Tale. It makes me wonder why people bother to ‘follow’ my blog, or anyone else’ for that matter, if they have no intention of reading the posts we provide. Perhaps seeing how many blogs you can follow is today’s equivalent of collecting stamps…


Β Now I’m going back to where I had got up to in Frederiche Nietzsche’ “Thus Spoke Zaresthustra”, before I began posting Onet’s Tale for you, two months ago.Β  πŸ˜‰

13 thoughts on “Its Time To Pay The Piper!

  1. Hello Jack. Interesting.
    I was watching a documentary on Nietzsche yesterday (Bettany Hughes – Genius of the Modern world).

    I only ‘like’ posts I like. I only re-blog things I’ve read and enjoyed or think are helpful to other people (because what’s the point of doing it if you haven’t?).

    Blog posts appear to be getting shorter. I keep being advised to not have more the 300 words per blog post. If I wanted to live in a 300 word box, I would use Twitter and a screen shot.
    I have re-blogged your posts and have had some likes back for it, but no re-blogs.
    That is not unusual in my experience as a lot of people don’t like to re-blog other people’s posts (I don’t know why that is).
    Short stories seem to have the ‘upper hand’ at the moment on other blogs I follow or read.

    Your book is a great read. I have to re-read a post sometimes as it has so much going on in it.
    It has a cinematic quality to it – you can picture each scene. Because they are long posts, I hold on to them to read when I have time to read them properly as there is a lot of information to take in (because there is so much action going on – not a bad thing) so I am a few behind.

    May I suggest that maybe you could think about blogging shorter excerpts and then have a ‘link’ to the full book, so that if people read the excerpt and like it, they can then go on to read the whole book?

    Kate :0)

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    • You say – “May I suggest that maybe you could think about blogging shorter excerpts and then have a β€˜link’ to the full book, so that if people read the excerpt and like it, they can then go on to read the whole book?”. Why when you know that the book is no longer available. As for shorter posts, I don’t cater to those who cannot be bothered to read…


  2. We live in a world of happy clickers, Jack. To say no one reads anymore is becoming truer by the day. I promote my blog on a Facebook page, and there are a goodly number of people who like and share EVERY SINGLE post I make to FB. Upwards of 100 likes and shares per day. My blog posts are usually around 800 words, but Google Analytics tells me few people read them. Likes and shares aren’t worth a toss!!

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  3. At first I want to tell you my dear friend Jack that I’m not kind of man to read a book in this form in my Android display! I like to take the book in my hands, of course, I’d a fast look over every chapter and I rebloged it to read them as intensively as it must be. And I like to thank you so much for your works and kindness πŸ™‚ good luck my dear old chap πŸ˜‰ (y)


  4. I saved each email I received and am planning on reading your book this next month. I might be in the minority, but I dislike only being able to read a chapter a day, which is why I saved them up.
    I try to only like posts I read, though on occasion on a post with lots of pictures, I’ll just skim the words and like the post, if I enjoy the pictures that is.
    I also seldom comment on posts simply because I have nothing to add to the conversation. From what I see, commenting on blogs is something that is going away.

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