Sunshine On Your Head

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Unable to sleep I was in the kitchen at 4.45am. Nighmare right? Well…yes and no. If I had stayed in bed tossing and turning I would have missed the most wonderful, magical morning.

I`d made a coffee, let Dante dog out for a pee and stood at the back door in awe.

Pigeons cooing, fledgling robins pipping, crows cawing, sparrows flitting and high above the swallows flew. This was their time, before the belching smoke and roar of the tin dragons came, before the loud voices of human interruption. Their time when the magic still swirled around in the air.

I am blessed in so many ways. My beautiful wife Becca, my daughter Tara, a survivor of life, our gorgeous, sensitive dog Dante and this view from my back door.

magical morning

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