Onet`s Tale by Jack Eason a review

After reading it in its entirety, Adele has kindly reviewed Onet’s Tale, bless her. 😉


Onet`s Tale is one of those rare books which takes you on an adventure through time, space and civilisations that span centuries. A magnificent journey for mind and soul.

Our companion on this journey is Onet. His voice is our constant as he narrates an epic saga.  We start our journey on a far distant planet where one race has enslaved many other races. This planet is a mining colony and the slaves are put to work in conditions that are horrendous and shortens their lives. They dream of escape. Species bond together and put aside old hatreds and prejudices to achieve this end.

Their escape starts in motion a chain of events that leads us full circle back to Onet.

I loved this novel. Jack has written a vast sweeping epic which twists and turns but never leaves you wondering where you are.  The many characters are written so…

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