Why Did He Do It? What possessed him?


Do you remember the positive review for my best seller The Seventh Age?

Stand by to be flabbergasted! I draw your attention to the hate and vitriol that its sequel received from one individual in his one star rant. You can fully expect the same kind of vicious attack if any book you write becomes popular on Amazon. Before you ask, Angus is a pseudonym for a self styled reviewer in the US. God only knows why he launched into his tirade:

1.0 out of 5 stars An unfortunate waste of time, November 7, 2013
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: The Forgotten Age (Kindle Edition)

I really wish to forget this unfortunate book because it is forcing me to violate my rules regarding book reviews but I am angry. I do not generally do negative reviews. If a book is going poorly, the story doesn’t grab me or the genre is not my normal flavor and not changing my mind by fifty percent completed then I bail and give it the review of silence. This aberration drew me in past the fifty percent mark even through the poor editing and character development so here goes.

The Forgotten Age is a novella trying to paint a story of a pre-Pharonic civilization in Egypt using a protagonist who is supposed to be a modern English (pun-intended) Indiana Jones with all of his compatriots being Ukrainian mafia and corrupt Egyptian bureaucrats. Oops, can’t forget the clever American sidekick who has some unexplained religious beliefs that must come into conflict with the protagonist’s mystery solving because…it just does.

List of crap:
1) Do not build paragraphs by pairing three or more sentences saying exactly the same thing. Paragraphs have a point and supporting sentences, and yes there is a difference.

2) It is a bad idea to bombard the reader suddenly with hyped up drama where there has been no build up of conflict.

3) Point of view issues can be catalogued using this one work. Narrator dumps are an extremely poor method of telling fiction. Moving on.

4) Time scale within this story is so skewed you would have the reader believe the group of explorers spent almost a year under Ghiza with just the supplies they had carried on their backs.

Lastly do not try to suspend the disbelief of the reader so that in their struggle to reach the end of your…thing…they are rewarded by you pulling the ripcord and sealing (not ceiling) in the protagonists and all of his lemming helpers for the remainder of eternity just because your brain went on vacation. Was that sentence long enough to make it onto your radar?

The Forgotten Age will not be receiving any of my usual promo. I intend to post this on my blog, Facebook, Google+, Amazon and Goodreads as a warning buoy. ‘Beware, someone soiled themselves here.’ Now you know why I have my rules of review. I don’t like doing this. Enjoy.

Besides ‘Angus’ there was one other individual that had the temerity to suggest that because the story is based in Egypt, and one or two of the baddies in the story were locals, that by his thinking I denigrated all Arabs. Rational human beings who have read it know that is not the case.
Now for a few of those who actually liked it including the best selling author Robert Bauval:
on November 20, 2012
“Jack Eason is a master storyteller of this historic-cum-science fiction genre. His latest book Forgotten Age is a riveting page-turner tale..read it!” Robert Bauval, author of The Orion Mystery
on November 28, 2012
The Forgotten Age I don’t often give out five stars on a review but Jack Eason’s The Forgotten Age deserves all five. This book that follows on from The Seventh Age, enthralled me from Prologue to Epilogue and all chapters between. I have to declare an interest here, as I’ve always been fascinated with Egyptology and archaeology so it was no hardship for me to read this new Nick Palmer adventure that kept rolling along like a runaway roller coaster – and with such credible characters for first-rate company along the way. I can say definitely worth adding to your wish list or better still buy it today.
on July 30, 2013
I started with this book, not the ones that came before. I am not a scifi reader, so I was amazed at this books ability to keep me up all night. This book focused on the action and characters. Well written and just wonderful. I liked the interaction and even though it did not have the depth of the other historical fiction books I usually read, I liked this book. I hope to get the next one and am interested to find out if and how this author brings the library “out” to the rest of the world. It is interesting to me that this story makes the premise that our history – world view has been the product of the few as opposed to what has really been found in archeology.
So there you have it. Welcome to the world of modern day literature. In the meantime I invite you all to make up your own minds by reading your own copy.
The Forgotten Age – Amazon.com
The Forgotten Age – Amazon.co.uk

24 thoughts on “Why Did He Do It? What possessed him?

  1. I came here through Adele’s reblog. As an amazon UK reviewer I can tell you that amazon is full of idiots that love nothing more than to build up their own egos by posting such reviews. Even though his review is a detailed one you can tell it’s a massive rant and who knows why he got provoked. As for the other – just ridiculous. I noticed a rant review on the uk site for your book too but again, two other people have actually commented on that review and found it very unhelpful. While I cannot comment on your book myself as I haven’t read it I can only advise to not take it to heart. When people read a review like that many customers will see it as a rant, normal customers and not troll ones know a normal review from a rant one. Amazon is a nasty place sometimes!

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  2. What a nasty piece of work! If he hated it so much, why did he read all of it? Sounds like a bit(?) of jealousy there so not an impartial review. It read like someone b*tching about a new friend of a group who he hates because they are more popular than him. :0).

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    • Unfortunately Kate, unless or until Amazon change their policy of allowing anyone like Angus access to the review process, we have to expect more vitriolic outbursts from clearly unhinged individuals… 😉 x

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  3. well who obviously someone who thinks he is a reviewer jack, as the opening lines state if a book does not grab him he makes no comment, not my idea of a reviewer but that’s just me. Books are written in various styles and how the language is portrayed depends on the times the story is set in and what would be the most likely way people spoke. REMEMBERING that the story is probably NOT set in modern times language will be different, a story can also be written in the ‘third’ person style so as in life you would get paragraphs where people repeat themselves or others just to be clear in THEIR minds what has been said/inferred.

    As you know Jack characters take on a persona of their own and will often wake you in the night because they have to tell you something and until you sit at the machine and write it down they persist to nag you. So it is often the way they tell the story that dictates how you as the author write it. A good reviewer would know this and take this into account when reviewing a book. However, saying that and having read some of your work – I really did enjoy the Goblin stories – I would say this: “if a book is doing well then its sour grapes on the side of the person saying these things, and people often read a book to see if its as bad as the ‘reviewer’ say so they buy the book not what the ‘slager off’ wanted but what you wanted.”

    You do as I tell Michael Jack, keep writing I for one enjoy the stories.



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  4. I always discount the outliers in my reviews. I pay little attention to the five star reviews as well in terms of helping to improve my writing. It’s those 3 and 4 star reviews that give you insight into improvement.

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