Nine reasons I ignore SEO

How many of you agree???

Notes from the U.K.

Let’s start with basics. SEO is short for search engine optimization. Bloggers (along with other people, but never mind them) obsess about it. Our goal is to lure in innocents who are searching the internet. Won’t you step into my parlor, said the blogger to the fly. Won’t you read 107 of my posts and hit Follow and stay here forever, thus bumping up my stats.

Stats? They’re the things that tell you how many people read what bits of your blog, and what country they’re from, and assorted other stuff, and they’re never high enough. We all want more, more, more.

So to get more people to stop by, you try to make yourself as visible to search engines as possible. You optimize yourself. You dig a niche out of the crumbling riverbank of the internet. Or maybe that’s the crumbling riverbank of what was once your creativity. The metaphor’s a little…

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3 thoughts on “Nine reasons I ignore SEO

  1. Stats, brands, they are to me the stuff of nightmares, oh and add a synopsis to that list too. I don`t worry about them, I don`t think being a dyspraxic writer of horror and fantasy is a brand? or is it? See, easy to befuddle the mind. I`ll just keep on doing what I`m doing because I love it.

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    • Go for it Adele. I do my best to avoid all of the BS that some insist we writers must do to make ourselves known. Most, if not all of it is utter BS, not to mention a monumental waste of time. 😉 x


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