Where to find the worst films and TV programmes in the UK at the moment!


That’s right, its Amazon Prime UK!

Like millions of others I pay an exorbitant subscription of £79 p.a. to watch any film or television series I choose on Prime, preferring it to terrestrial TV which is nothing but repeats.

The trouble is that the vast majority of what is currently on offer is complete rubbish, geared to the US! For instance, just try finding classic war films like The Battle of Britain or The Battle of the Bulge. I can’t even hire them as Amazon don’t have either of them readily available, and yet they had A Bridge Too Far and The Longest Day! How’s that for inconsistency?

When it comes to some of my favourite films like the Alien franchise, you can’t watch them on Prime either. Why? Because Amazon only offer them for sale or hire, which defeats the whole purpose of my paying the annual subscription in the first place . I’m damned if I’m going to pay even more!

While you are at liberty to watch any amount of American Prime Time television series, suitable for the mentally challenged, along with Hollywood’s ‘D’ grade movies, when it comes to quality UK made films and television series – forget it! Why is that I wonder Amazon UK?

Bah Humbug!!!

4 thoughts on “Where to find the worst films and TV programmes in the UK at the moment!

  1. Unfortunately many people just don’t care about older movies. Also Amazon has to negotiate with the owners of the films or shows to offer them on Prime.
    The reason that they show what they do is because, for some reason, its popular.
    I too, really wish that Amazon would invest in the good old classics, such as ‘The Farmer’s daughter’ , Hammer’s ‘The Brides of Dracula’ and too many other movies to name.

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  2. I stick to Sky, and if I want to watch movies that I can`t find, I go on e bay or amazon and buy them. I get to keep them and watch them whenever I want. For instance, I wanted Becca and Tara to see “The Secret of Roan Inish” an Irish move about selkies, (seal people who become human on land), as it is the main thread of my writing, so I bought from e bay. They watched it and were enthralled and I was so happy that I could watch this special movie over and over again.

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