Seventh Age Update


The rewrite progresses satisfactorily. As I write this I’m at the beginning of Chapter Sixteen where the main human character, the archaeologist Dr Nick Palmer, finally sets eyes on the crypto-terrestrial Ithis, the heroine of the story, for the first time.


At barely five feet tall, her slender androgynous body was covered in a pale silver parchment like skin, delicately marked with thin veins, and tiny nodules, enabling her to blend in chameleon like into whatever background she chose, to hide away from prying eyes. With no genitalia immediately apparent to the eye, only her trim waist accentuating her gently curving hips and buttocks, together with her slender arms, legs and small delicate hands and feet suggested gender. She reminded him of a beautiful living statue. Her normal sized head with its well defined, yet slim jaw line appeared larger, because of her delicate neck and small frame. Her high forehead and small ears accentuated her almond shaped, hauntingly beautiful, aquamarine eyes with their large pale emerald green pupils that changed colour with her mood and emotional state. Her slight nose with its delicate nostrils, and the narrow sensuous lips of her mouth completed the perfect vision standing, gently smiling up at him with all the tender love she felt for him showing in her eyes, as those mesmerizing pupils deepened their hue. Nick’s heart raced. In all of his life he had never imagined that anyone could be so beautiful. He felt his pulse quicken as he blushed and turned away. The feelings Ithis generated within him were nothing like the comfortable love he felt for Sophie, or the hormone enraged lust he had felt for Hector’s dazzlingly beautiful sister, Inez. This was so much more than that. He knew that finally he had found the one being he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Ithis’ smiled as she tenderly entered his mind to kiss his soul, releasing an all-consuming wave of exquisite love within him. Keeping physically apart from each other would be doubly difficult now that she had finally revealed herself.


That was where I started yesterday. Today Chapter Twenty-Two beckons…

PS – Just finished the re-write.

More later


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