..an Author’s Golden Moment.. are you THAT Mister Gallacher?…

From Seumus 😉

Seumas Gallacher

…fame, infamy, notoriety, call it as yeez will, comes in many forms… those of yeez who honour me by following this Blog regularly will know I’m no stranger to the promotional requirements of being a scribbler… indeed, I ceaselessly harp on about the efficacy of being public… of being present… the use of the SOSYAL NETWURKS, the availability for magazine features, Guest Speaker engagements at various Societies, Book Clubs, colleges, schools and universities, formal signings at retail bookshops, and generally, just being out there in Readership Land… all these are grist to the mill for the modern writer… but every now and then, along comes an incident that just blows my mind… two nights ago, I had reserved a dinner booking with some close friends… the restaurant, Teatro, is housed in Downtown Rotana, one of Bahrain’s newest and excellent hotels… a couple of hours before getting ready…

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