If you don’t want to be taken to task by idiots, get your facts straight!


Why? Because there are sad individuals with nothing better to do than look for errors in any given book you’ve written, no matter the format. People like that are an unfortunate fact of life if you are a published author…


If you have been reading the chapters as I post them here every other day, and not merely ignoring them, you will know that I’m currently re-working my best seller from 2012. This time with a brand new cover and title as well. Why am I doing this? Well, for one thing to introduce it to a whole new audience who aren’t aware of it in its original form for reasons known only to themselves. The other, and by far the most important reason, is to make necessary corrections. Particularly when it comes to the facts and historical events I employ as well as the names of the actual places mentioned.

At the time of publishing the original back in 2012, I was taken to task by one particular individual for misspelling the name of the archaeological dig site pictured above – Göbekli Tepe. I suppose I should consider myself lucky that it was all he could pull me up on. The story itself was attacked by a couple of mentally deficient idiots, in other words – trolls, hellbent on taking a cheap shot. One of them likened it to nothing more than a travelogue, which it isn’t by the way. While the other showed himself up as a total moron when his review consisted of asking one question concerning Ithis the cryptoterrestrial heroine, “who is I this?”

I would have dearly loved to take both of them to task for their sheer stupidity. But as all writers know, you never ever engage with idiots and their so-called book reviews!

Will I be publishing it as a paperback as well as an e-book, for the sake of my countrymen and women who prefer holding a book in their hands to reading it on whatever e-book reading device may be available to them? I’m sorry, but the answer is no. It was born as an e-book for the American market, and that is the way it will remain…


17 thoughts on “If you don’t want to be taken to task by idiots, get your facts straight!

  1. Everything you said is so true Jack. They even opinionate on things that have been well researched, and although the story may be fiction they will even pick out the fact that the ships name didn’t exist on the navy list. I suppose they have such sad little lives that they overlook things like fictional names, places etc., are part and parcel of a fictional story. Its when they start making comments about things they know nothing about that I get peed off. Still we both know they are sad but hey they are giving us publicity so……..

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  2. They must have nothing better to do with their lives but search everywhere for something to pick on. My message to them is, “Hello, forests are dying, animals are dying get off your arses and do something constructive.” There. I feel better now.

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  3. Yeh, I would accuse them of being morons but folk are always telling me I’ll never amount to much on the ‘net if I keep on being complimentary to everyone I meet.

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  4. That is the world we live in. Everyone wants to be a critic.

    Unfortunately, all the people who couldn’t write a decent paragraph, think they are qualified to criticize an author’s work. That is the nature of the beast. It is easy to criticize writers. After all what we do? Daydream and write. Anyone can do that.


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