In A Land Not Far Away

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Once Upon A Time  

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Once upon a time there lived an author named Michael who just had to write.  He had always wanted to write but until he retired he had no time. Work, sailing, naval history and his family took it all up. But still the urge to write was strong in him, so one day he decided that was it, gave up his job and moved to the mountains in the land of ‘Not Far Away’ and began writing.

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He would travel to see his family twice a year, even though the journey was arduous and began to affect his health, but always he was writing it was a hard time. Nothing seemed to be right, the story didn’t fit, the sun didn’t shine and he very often felt he was standing in a corridor he could see no end to, but still he ploughed on.  He had written a story about a friend from memories of…

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