An Article I Found On Electric Lit


When you read this article, you will soon realise that its author was in a rush to get it into print. He tends to wander all over the place, seemingly contradicting himself at times. Even so, his basic premise holds true. For most of us, writing is a job, even if it doesn’t pay well…

2 thoughts on “An Article I Found On Electric Lit

  1. Interesting. One of the things that annoys me is people being pleased to get articles published for free. HuffPo is an example. These writers are naive and are being exploited.
    OK so I’m biased because I did/do earn my money from writing, editing, publishing, journalism, corporate communications, press office, public relations blah blah.
    I was asked to write a couple of hundred words recently with a deadline of a couple of days and said yes, how much? All went quiet. On the day of the deadline, the staff editor or some such title (ie someone getting paid) replied, apologised for not getting back, things had been busy personally (yeah right) and a friend of a relative had written it … I have better things to do than knock up 200 words for free for a major media company based in London.
    We all write for free about what we want on our blogs. Maybe WP benefits if we get enough traffic and attract ads. But we also get a free promotional outlet if we provide something eg books, a service, so quid pro quo. I can live with that.

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