A Fine Actor


Edward Albert Arthur Woodward OBE (1 June 1930 – 16 November 2009)

When I was a good deal younger one of my favourite television series was Callan. It ran from July 8, 1967 until May 24, 1972. For some reason I had the devil’s own job to get my mouth around the name of its star Edward Woodward (pronounced Edwaahd Woodwaahd) and so I’ve always referred to him as Ewa Woowoo. Silly I know, but much easier to say…

Woodward was one of the UK’s more versatile actors on stage and screen.  He starred as Police Sergeant Neil Howie in the 1973 cult British horror film The Wicker Man and in the title role of the 1980 Australian biopic Breaker Morant. From 1985 to 1989, Woodward starred as British ex-secret agent and vigilante Robert McCall in the American television series The Equalizer, earning him the 1986 Golden Globe Award for Best Telivision Drama Actor.

How many of you remember Callan I wonder?  Here is a reminder:

and Wicker Man

and Breaker Morant

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