Want to take part in an experiment?


My passion has always been the written word, ever since I read my first book out loud to my parents as a four year old.

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of some good friends back in New Zealand in 2003, I had a roof over my head for a short while. In that time, I wrote a couple of science fiction novels – Turning Point and Onet’s Tale, plus a mixed bag of short stories.

The reason why we become Indie writers is because nobody in the establishment publishing world wants to know novelists other than their own stable, unless you find a small press editor to take you on as was the case for me back in 2010. Even though I thought I’d cracked it, we soon parted ways. Being dictated to by a total twat was not why I signed a contract with him. So it was back to square one.

I once sent away a short story to an Irish internet science fiction/fantasy/horror magazine. After a while you get used to the bog standard message I received back from them saying ‘sorry it doesn’t fit in with our publishing list’.

Unless you’re someone famous, you don’t stand a chance in hell of being published, bearing in mind that most of the books purportedly written by the rich and famous are actually ‘ghost written’ for them.

My first attempt at getting into print happened a few years ago, when I had an article published in a New Zealand outdoor magazine for the princely sum of NZ$60.00 – divide by three if you live here in the UK to see that it was no big deal financially! But at least it was a start…

Why should we be prevented from wanting to follow our dream, does anyone know? Where do I and thousands like me go from here, now that we can no longer rely on our books selling in their thousands the way they did a few years ago?

Talking to my good friend and fellow Indie Derek Haines yesterday, we both agree that the reason all Indie book sales through Amazon started to slow two months ago, and have now ceased altogether is because another deal has been struck behind closed doors, this time between the Big Five publishing houses and Amazon to bury all Indie books, thereby removing the competition. And yet Amazon Marketing Services are still sending out emails to all Indies to participate in paid promotion. Why????

Prove us both wrong if you can!!!

To give you an example, according to Kindle Direct Publishing its been twenty-five days since anyone bought or read any of my books.

At least I’m still being read by a few loyal people thanks to this blog. The other good thing is that the number following my posts is building on a daily basis; not just here on my blog but also on Twitter, and to a lesser extent on Facebook. What does that tell you?

In the last two months the number of books written by Indies like myself has disappeared from the public’s view since Amazon ceased all free Indie promotion without telling us.

So how do we as writers get people to at least look at a book, even if they don’t want to read it?

If all eight hundred and ninety-eight of this blog’s followers collectively spend just five minutes checking out my books, using either of the links below, it might be enough to start Amazon’s algorithm sensing that people are actually interested in my books. It’s the kind of activity that always forces Amazon to take note…

Interested in taking part? If your answer is in the affirmative, click on the link(s) below. It’s no use just a dozen of you participating. It needs all of my blog followers to take part in this experiment. Remember, you must spend at least five minutes perusing my titles…

Click here for my books on Amazon.com

Click here for my books on Amazon.co.uk


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