Problems with names again

A lesson for all indies…

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I have a friend who was an author, he traditionally published two books, pre- kindle then gave up, which is a great shame because they were great books. A while ago he was castigating me about my choice of names for my books. I do find thinking of names for my book hard. I started off by pulling names from a Tutor name web site. I then started using friend’s names and then in desperation I asked on Face book if anyone wants me to use their name. I ended up with Nigel and Adrian that way. Both are minor characters Adrian dies, Nigel appears in part two. He might have a bigger part in book two or that’s appears in book two and a bigger in book three depending on how I go with it.

Anyway, this friend of mine, let’s call him Rakr-hifyw destroyer of words, thinks Nigel…

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