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It hurts to think

That I’ve been deemed

Not worthy of the free

Weekly shopper’s guide

Provided by a local newspaper

Relationships never lasted

Perhaps one too many

Telemarketer turn downs

At dinnertime when agents called?

Agents trained in telemarketer school

To know–no meant yes, stop meant go

Blacklisted–and this stash

Of charcoal chimney

Starter paper won’t last forever

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WordPress: The ‘Annual Report’

From Beetleypete 😉


Anyone blogging for more than a full year will recall those notifications that WordPress sent out. They told you all about how your blog had done during the past year. How many views, how many visitors, and full statistics. They would mention how many readers would have filled this or that venue, and what your most popular posts had been.

It went on to tell you all about the countries that visitors had come from, how many new followers you had got, and lots of other stuff that was of great interest to anyone really involved in their own blog.

After Christmas, I waited for the report to appear. 2016 had been a busy year on my blog, and I was keen to see the usual comprehensive overview provided by WordPress. But nothing showed up. No report telling me all those fascinating facts. Now January is coming to a close…

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Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day!

From Pollyesther in Aussie…

Happy Pollyesther

Happy Australia Day!

I am GLAD to be Australian and proud to celebrate Australia Day. It was on this day over 10 years ago, that the official Certificate was handed to me.

I’m experiencing a little conflicting, bittersweet feeling about it though ever since a couple of years ago, when I worked for an outdoor entertaining company assisting with a mobile rock climbing wall and inflatables.

We were doing a gig at an indigenous event in a beautiful park in Melbourne with the climbing wall on Australia Day. It was a beautiful warm Summers day. We turned up all happy and ready for a fun day of entertaining with our usual Aussie flag attires for the celebrations….only to be told that the Australian flag was not welcome and appropriate for this event!

We looked at each other a bit puzzled, but took all our aussie flag pieces off out of respect and…

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…99,999… 100,000… yup, 100,000, Mabel !!!… 100,001… 100,002…

Another brilliant post from the Bahrain spalpeen hisself 😉

Seumas Gallacher



…there are many ‘firsts’ that occur in most of our lives… f’rinstance I remember my first kiss… it was more of a slobbery lick from my twice-the-size-of-me pet dog when I was about 5 years old… and it turned me off the idea of canine romance forever, I can tell yeez… my first day at primary school… as part of a howling choir of sobbing infants who wailed in concert at the mass departure of our mothers at the school gates…


…my first football team goal at the age of six… the ball hammered home from all of seven inches, attended by the triumphant raised arm a la Denis Law as I wheeled to trot back to the centre circle restart… my first monthly pay packet as a green fifteen year old Trainee Master of the Financial Universe at the noble Clydesdale & North of Scotland…

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