On Depression and writing


Is there a connection between depression and writing


4 thoughts on “On Depression and writing

  1. On my bookshelves I have Edgar Alan Poe’s “Tales of Mystery and Imagination”. Poe suffered from depression and anyone who has read his dark stories and poems such as “the Raven” can see how this influenced his work. I have heard it said that some commedians are depressives and (ironically) making other people laugh helps them to cope with their condition. Tony Hancock was, I understand a case in point. An interesting question arises. If science finds a cure for depression by genetic manipulation or other means, would literature be the poorer for this advancement in medical science? While the individual in question would, no doubt feel happier in their skin the wider society might be denied a possible literary lion. Kevin

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      • Its great you can be open about your experiences of PTSD Jack. I guess being blind influences my writing to some extent although, having said that a number of my followers have been surprised when they discover that I am visually impaired. Blindness is (obviously) not depression, but can be instrumental in causing (or being a component) of depression. I went more or less blind at a very young age, consequently my disability doesn’ cause depression. People who lose their site as they grow older do, unfortunately often suffer from depression. Just how many of these people become writers or involved in other creative activities, such as ppottery I have no idea. Kevin

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